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is a U.S./Japan based manufacturer, wide range of medical and surgical devices with hi-technology & automation, labor control, a great potential for development, ISO9002, ISO13485-2003, CE mark, GMP QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The Company is part of the KAWA GROUP Holding. With branches in Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, USA and plant in China: Weifang KAWA Medical Products Co., Ltd.
  To develop, produce and sell disposable medical supplies all over the world.
    To provide product innovation, research and design in the USA/JAPAN
  ●  Flexibility to customize for different options i.e. components, bulk, etc. as well as to manufacture product to customers exact specifications
     To establish strategic marketing alliances with major infusion manufactures for their OEM & private label  requirements.
   ●  To develop new and innovative patented safety devices
   ●  To provide High quality, low cost products with excellent value to our distributors and customers
Kawa IV Infusion Set
Kawa Burette Infusion Set
Kawa Disposable Scalp Vein Set
11 Kawa Disposable Syringe
11 Kawa Wound Drainage
11 Kawa Hypodermic Needle
11 Kawa Blood Transfusion Set
11 Kawa Extension Set
11 Kawa Safty Products
11 Parts
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