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KAWA IV Infusion set
 4.5cm chamber/Non-vented spike
 4.5cm chamber/Vented spike
 4.5cm/Non-vented with wings
 4.5cm/Vented spike with wings
 5cm/Non-vented spike w/t wings
 5cm/vented spike with wings
 5.5cm chamber/Non-vented spike
 5.5cm chamber/vented spike
 7cm chamber/Vented spike
 Kawa IV set w/t special design
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KAWA Components & Parts
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:::::Light-proof infusion set:::::
:::::Infusion set with back check valve:::::
:::::IV infusion set with metal spike:::::
:::::PVC-FREE IV set:::::
:::::PVC-FREE IV set with filtration device:::::
:::::IV set with precision flow regulator:::::
:::::IV set with precision flow regulator:::::


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